New Colony

by Secondary Modern

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This is the sixth album by Secondary Modern. It was recorded using an eight-track reel to reel in a mansion with a lot of windows very near a pond. All of this occurred between the months of November 2012 and January 2013.


released August 11, 2013

Secondary Modern is:
David Brown - vocals, guitar, keys, bass, percussion, etc.
Danny Brown - vocals (lead on "Favorite Places"), drums, percussion, guitar, sitar, etc.
Matt McGuire - vocals (lead on "Out The Abyss"), bass, guitar, keys, percussion, etc.

All songs by Secondary Modern
Recorded by David Allen at the Skihouse Mansion - Carbondale, IL.
Mixed by David Allen and Secondary Modern.
Mastered by Erik Rasmussen at Observatory Studios - Chicago, IL.
Photo by Jay Goebel

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Secondary Modern Carbondale, Illinois

Secondary Modern is comprised of three young men from the Midwest. They make music together and have done so for quite some time and will do so for quite some time.

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Track Name: Your Eyes Were Black
you fastened half a sinking ship around your ankle with twine
you said they do it in lafayette and in jersey city too
but I’m able and alive
could I die in massachusetts with you?
I had a dream I singed off all of my hair
your body moved as if to console me
your eyes were black and your arms were around me
your mouth, it formed a shape
your lungs were triggered late
and your lips, they moved for quite some time
before your words were conveyed
never heard the artillery fire
the sound of traffic had lulled us both to sleep
and all the walls will be repainted and the sidewalks cleaned
by the time we’re awake and back on our feet
you really are an obsessive bastard and you know it
one day we’ll burn all of these lies on your skin
and we’ll bill you for it
Track Name: Dismissed
down and out in the colonies we never knew were real
there’s nothing left to numb
the butcher’s stripped us to our heels
I can see through my knuckles so why do my hands hurt?
you can’t see yourself in mirrors anymore
I can’t stop shaking
spanish weapons
saviors are dismissed
despise all that I know about you
come give me a kiss
we’ll simplify our books to phrases
exponential facts and figures buy and sell your trembling fingers
unloaded pistols fire
unloaded pistols and their triggers fill our hearts
Track Name: New Aloof Soiree
when your letters all come back to you
and your words are shaking like the birds on the power line
don’t call me
ex-lovers and ex-friends
they all hate me equally
I suppose they have meetings
new aloof soiree
you built an alter to the birds of prey
I know you never meant to skew this dance so badly
“Clytemnestra”, I heard him say
I’ve never wanted to strike someone so badly
new aloof soiree
Track Name: Money Well Spent
kicking over anthills, that’s all this is to you
I’m on a mission, honey—we’re gonna kill all your friends
show you how to burn holes in precious monuments
an apparition, honey, can be money well spent
food for the dead! food for the dead! food for the dead!
you didn’t have to do that
set me loose in the city
It’s a thing of the past, my child, to walk into a room
and turn our heads and change the way we’re sitting
you live in fear every day
who are you lying to?
Track Name: Red Envelopes and the Lunar New Year
this town is hideous and I’ve been walking all morning
trying to find a threshold to nail my toes to
I’d like to hold every stone in the fire burning blue
but I’ve been told I must remove both my hands
I’ll apologize for anything that you ask me to
I’ve been wrestling with ghosts again, so it seems
once I announce that I’m in love it disappears like a dream
from my sight but not from my mind
you know I’ve loved you for such a long time
I saw goliath-- I saw his family.
filling in numbers under new fruit trees
saw the filthy execution of fortune, fame, and things
just down the path we used to walk among the aces and the queens
saw you glancing at your shoes and at mine
we used the silence then to pray we’d both go blind
we hurled a stone into the chapel across the street
a waste of time
words aloft and poets buried beneath the height to which they’ve climbed
sacred, beaming, and clear
red envelopes and the lunar new year
Track Name: Table Dance
darlin’—I believe you should cover your hands
If you plan to handle evil things
but I still love the way you discard all your non-essential dreams
and you’ve been putting everything you can get those hands on
In your nasal passage, it seems
and I’m sure all of the drunks on the street have asked you
sawdust in their voices
how it feels to be all alone as a result of your destructive choices
oh, and that’s not saying that they’re asking a lot
or that they’ve stumble up to maps unknown
you can do what you like-- go on and slither in the night
just remember that you’ve been dethroned
oh yes, remember that you’ve been dethroned
we’ll, there’s blood on my tongue but my shoes are still tied
and that’s more than most can say
the whole world was on fire but some widow called the station
I’ll be breathing in this bag until her sister hauls her husband away
oh, and you were with a troop of vampire snowmen
at the top of a mountain so late
that you nearly missed the flood that killed your second cousin
and returned the world to its potentially combustible state
there was a business plan at one point but I lost sight
I’ve never entered a room I couldn’t walk through
I just might
the rope was severed in the middle so I never could have used it
those are the legs of your enemies you see beneath the door
If you look right
Track Name: Out The Abyss
the endless stream of moments can
summon up thoughts of boredom and
thorough contemplation of what it would be like
now the thoughts of why and how
they form a cloud
the way we all collide just wears me out
particles of light enter my eye
Is this all I see, these particles of light?
energy for the future day
woe am I who believes that my thought are untrue
ecstatic am I who realizes that my thoughts are the ultimate proof
Track Name: Prince Bey and His Royal Household
I remember street names by repeating them backwards
and I swallow a deep breath and follow myself wherever I go
follow my self wherever I go
I heard there’s been a conviction made in the case against your father
It seemed to please the papers well enough
we all let out a cheer
and walked along as marionettes from walnut street to here
followed direction there and shortly after
we traced the lines of her bone structure through her clothes
we couldn’t bare to sully such fashion
remember with that added light comes shadows that you have never known
follow myself wherever I go…
Track Name: Favorite Places
the train is rolling softly
parallel to the atmosphere of monetary tribes
steal your green from the mean green machine
It’s only wrong if you look them in the eye
we’re going to colonize your favorite places
walk with me
you don’t owe me anything save for, what,
your unabiding love